Equipment Rentals.

Pre-Loaded Grip & lighting Trucks

Our Pre-Loaded truck packages come with a wide variety of gear that is standard on most shoots. From smaller 1ton combo vans, to larger 3ton & 4ton Combo cube trucks, we have you covered. We also have the capability to provide 5ton and 10ton dedicated trucks and/or trailers along with towable generators.

Additional grip and lighting gear is available individually a la carte and as add ons to our preset pkgs.

We offer the top quality gear at the most competitive pricing in Southern California!

Digital Cinema Production

Camera & Lenses

  Whether you are looking for talented crew members to add to your current production or need a full turnkey solution, we have the right tools, resources and knowledge to help you facilitate your creative needs.

We have years of experience working with professional camera gear ranging from Sony CineAlta, RED Epic/Dragon, and the Arri Alexa series. The right camera for the right job & budget. Let us put it to work for your production.

Cameras – Alexa Mini, Sony F55, Red Helium
Camera Movement – Ronin, Ronin 2, Black-arm Stabilizer, Moviebird 24, dollies ( dana, doorway, highend )
Grip – 3ton & 4ton trucks
Car rigging – hood mount, hostess tray, suction cups
Lighting – M40, M18, Skypanel, Kino LED, Litemat, Joker 800, Tungsten,
Power – Honda gennys, Tow Plants
Production Supplies – Directors chairs, Pop-ups, tables & chairs.

Human Recourses

Experienced Crew

1 Ton Cargo van to 10 Ton trailer, we have your production size covered. With a wide arrangement of preset/preloaded grip and lighting packages ranging from 1ton, 3ton and 5ton, to our 10ton grip only trailer pkg. Need something custom, pre-order exactly what you need and we’ll load it for you. Saving you time and effort, the right package for the right job, custom tailored for your budget. From Location friendly vans to big budget production.